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Implement Netbackup 6.5 using vnetd over public & private LANs

Created: 27 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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I'm trying to implement Veritas Netbackup 6.5 with one master server, 3 media server and a dozen of clients.

On the production LAN, I want to install the master server, a media server and a few clients.
In the DMZ, I want to install another media server and a few clients.
Another media server and a handful of clients will need to be installed on our reference (engineering/development) LAN.

The production LAN, reference LAN and DMZ are separated by firewalls which
will allow communication between all servers and clients over the vnetd port. 

Netbackup control communication is allowed to pass through the firewalls.
User data (backups) should not be allowed to pass through the firewall but
should go to the media server in it's own LAN (in prod LAN, ref LAN or DMZ). 

To limit the impact of backups/restores on the bandwidth/saturation of the public LAN (e.g. 20.30.x.x),  
I'd like to send user data (backups) between the clients and the media servers over a private LAN (e.g. 192.168.x.x).

Would it be possible to implement this?
- Send all Netbackup control communication over the public network through the firewalls using vnetd.
- Send all Netbackup data (backups) between clients and media server over a private LAN.

Any hints, tips, user experience would be highly appreciated.

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Sriram's picture

It is possible

I think i did understood your question correctly.

All the netbackup communication happens through netbackup process.  Which ever the host name or IP you have used while installing master and media server that will be registered in in the DB. 

So if you give nbemmcmd -listhost command it will display the host name on which you have installed netbackup.  Also ensure you have added SERVER entries in master server for the media servers, it should be the same as what was registered in the netbackup DB.

Ensure all your clients bp.conf has the SERVER entry for master server in the first line.  In the media server also you should follow the same.

Now finally if the client has two LAN primary and backup, then you can choose backup LAN for the transfer of DATA or leave it for PROD LAN.

In the case of DMZ media servers and their clients, since its a secured it will only have a single LAN.  When creating policy create a separate policy for all DMZ clients with storage unit as DMZ media server.  This will ensure all your backup data for DMZ clients are coming through DMZ media server.

Hope this helps you

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Was you question answered?

If so please vote for me and mark it as a solution bud?

many thanks

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You can impliment your setup as you think. Only here you may get obsticles like if you have DNS available.

For this you have to maintain hosts file in master backup server. If you are intrested. please update the post. will guide.


Best Regards