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Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
Now that MR1 is out I am starting to play around with the software in my test environment. I was thinking of virtualizing my current SAV 10.2 server this year, but have now decided that I might build a new virtual machine, install SEPM on here, configure it so that the policies are the same as 10.2, and then starting to slooooooowly push out the SEPM client to pc's.
Will this work?
Also - I was working on playing with the client install packages yesterday. Wondering if it is advisable to install all of the components to clients, but then disable the features via the policies. Initially I only want to use the antivirus/spyware features and use the other features in the future once i know the basics are working. Will this work?  Any issues with this?

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You can Virtulaize any AV server over here. If you prefer to convert your existing AV server then use VMwae P2V software and then convert your exisitng server to virtualize and then use that PC fr the SEP11. As far as I'm consern having 2 GB to the SEPM really works otehrwise it's really sloooooooooooow.

Yes instal the client with all the packages and still you can controlt the features via the policy. After all keep both version in your enviroment. (Symantec call this grace period and there is no time limitation for this) So until you're statisfied you can have both enviroments prior fully migrating to SEP11.

If you need any help pls let us know.


PS: I've done SEP11 virtulaization with 1 GM ram and it works fine too.