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Implementing Netbackup for Solaris Zone Cluster

Created: 22 Nov 2012 | 3 comments


I am going to implement Netback for Solaris Zone Cluster setup. The Cluster will be installed on Global Zones but the Fail-over will be configured at Zone Level. Whole Root zone will be configured.

Please suggest how to proceed on implementing Netbackup for this setup.

1. Netbackup Client will be installed on Global Zones and Non-Global Zones (Active & Passive zones on Node1 and Node2)

2. How the backup will be configured as the Zpool will be fail-over between the Zones? The zones will share a Single Fail-over IP between them and there will be one BUR IP will be assigned for each zones. (Active and Passive Zone)

Thanks & Regards,

Arul Murugan S.

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What do you need to back up in the zones? What is being clustered?

If you are for example clustering Oracle and only need db backups, use the virtual hostname and IP to configure Oracle policies.

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Hi Marianne,

Thanks for your reply. I'm new to Backup configuration. In my setup, Netbackup Enterprise Server will be implemented in Node1/Node2 and Netbackup Enterprise client will be installed on the Zones. HBA Ports will be dedicated for this.

Oracle Database will be installed in the Zones and Zones will be clustered (Only IP & Zpool will be configured for Fail-Over between Zoones with Zone Cluster method).

My doubt is that do we need seperate IP (BUR IP) for this setup to configure backup? Howmany licences need to be procured?

RMAN Backup will be used for Database backup. Do we still need any Database agent of Netbackup in Zones?


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Apologies for missing your last post....

No client licenses are necessary for local zones. They are covered by the Enterprise Server license in your Global zone.
Or maybe you meant you have Enterprise Client license for the global zone?
If so, this license will only work with  the Global Zone client backup method described in TECH162994, but the requirement is for databases in local zones to be offline before starting the backup from the global zone.

Enterprise Client license only allows backup of local hostname. The moment you attempt to backup the clustered Oracle db using the virtual hostname, you will probably receive an error message saying that license usage has been exceeded. 
You will probably need Enterprise server license...
Database agent is needed to backup your Oracle db's online. Only one db agent license is necessary for the physical machine - no need for individual licenses for zones.
Best to dicuss licensing requirements with your local reseller.

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