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Implementing SWG with Blades and LACP

Created: 05 May 2010 | 3 comments
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Is it possible to deploy a SWG in INLINE mode between a core switch and a blade switch if they are using link aggregation with multiple network cables/ports in parallel to increase the link speed ??  ( LACP or Ethernet bonding, NIC teaming, Trunking, port channel, link bundling.. )

A lot of companies has the ISA servers or proxies as virtual machines in Blade infrastructure.  What is the best way to integrate SWG with this scenario ??

Even if the communication between the core swith and blade switch was using only one ethernet port/cable... is there any way to avoid the fear of having to pass all the network traffic from the network to the multiple virtual machines or servers into the Blades, throug the SWG machine in inline mode ??

If the answer is TAP Monitoring, is it possible to monitor the link aggregation ports ??


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First - sorry for the delays in response, I've actually been traveling the last few weeks and not been able to access the forums as much as I'd have liked.

Now this is a very specialized question and probably requires a more detailed conversation, but some generic points here:

1) The SWG supports link aggregation no problem (actually this is the way you load balance multiple SWGs).
2) Generically speaking, so long as traffic is not asynchronous (TX and RX packet streams are all traveling through the same SWG per set), SWG should function just fine.

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Does 8450 and 8490 both have load balancing support or it is only in 8490.

A lot of support questions on Symantec knowledgebase refers to 8490, hence the confusion.

When we are doing aggregation using Ethernet switches is it expected to work in HA or load balancing? If load balancing does that mean that 8450 in 2 nos can take the load of 2000 concurrent users.


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AS per my understanding

loadbalancing does not mean this as you said above,,

load balancing mean that if one appliance goes down other one take control of all clientss..