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Import Be tapes in netbackup

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 10 Jun 2014 | 4 comments
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Hello Experts ,

Please advice can i import  Baxkup Exe tape (Backup exe version from 11 to 2012) on Netbackup

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I believe that the newer versions of NBU does not support the import of BE tapes

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Backup Exec Tape Reader (BETR) refers to the ability within NetBackup to import and restore from Backup Exec (BE) backup sets (images).  Backup Exec media is imported into the NetBackup media server and data from the BE backup sets can be restored via NetBackup.  This statement specifies the current level of support for the Backup Exec Tape Reader capability.

Windows Server images 

  • Recover files from full, incremental and differential backups
  • NetBackup 7.x supports Windows Server 2003 & 2008 images
  • NetBackup 7.x supports images from Backup Exec 7 through 12
  • NetBackup 7.x supports recovery of System State & Shadow Copy Components
  • NetBackup 7.x supports compressed images
Exchange Server images 
  • NetBackup 7.x supports Exchange 2000 & 2003 images from Backup Exec 9.1 through 12
  • NetBackup 7.x supports Exchange 2007 images from Backup Exec 11 through 12
  • Recover databases from full, incremental, differential and copy backup images
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Important extract from above TN:

Future Plans

There are no plans to improve or expand coverage beyond the current capabilities, nor support any images after Backup Exec 12.  (There is no support for Backup Exec 12.5 images or later image versions.)

NetBackup 7.6 will be the last release to support BETR functionality.


 So, no recent BE versions can be imported.

BE 11 and 12 can be imported.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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If you have more than one tape to import, and if any of the backups spanned across tapes (such as a backup that began by using one tape, filled it up, and started using a second tape), you will have to perform Phase 1 import of all of the BE tapes first, then you can finnish by running Phase 2 of the import.

If you do not do this, you may not actually import all of the old data because the images you began importing during Phase 1 will begin to expire before you complete Phase 2.  the timing of the expiration of Phase one might vary.

As an example, 4 years ago, we had over 200 BE tapes to import into NetBackup.  We only had space in our library for 30 tapes.  We tried doing Phase o1 and Phase 2 of 30 tapes at a time, but most of the images spanned tapes, so Phase 1 would report that an images was missing some portion of image fragments.  We tried to run  Phase 1 of all 200 tapes, still only 30 tapes at a time.  Two weeks later, the first images we had imported expired from the catalog after the first week, so we still could not completely import all of the data.  It was not possible to import that many tapes with our (then) current hardware.