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Created: 02 Sep 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi, The client I am working for has just installed EV 10 into an Exchange 2010 environment.  They now want to enable journaling.  They would like to see if it's possible to retrospectively journal everything that is currently in Exchange, approx 1TB worth of emails.  Has anyone done this before?


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Are those items in an Exchange journal mailbox? If so.. yes. If not then the data that is there isn't really journal quality. Let me explain..

In Exchnage journaling EVERYTHING is journaled to the journal mailbox. (Then it's hoovered up by EV, for example).

If you swept across all the existing mailboxes, and said this is now journal data, you'd be wrong, because people may have:-

* Edited data
* deleted data

So, you see it's not journal-quality.

The only thing you can do, if the data is NOT in a journal mailbox, is to just do regular mailbox archiving of the data where it is now, and that's to the regular mailbox archives. Turn journaling on today (and journal archiving) and from this day onwards you will have true journal data.

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Thank Rob, I hear what you're saying.  It is not in an existing journal mailbox, so they want to force it in there so EV picks it up and they can use Discovery Accelerator on it for some existing cases.  They aren't too concerned that it's of "journal-quality" but they are keen to capture what they have.  Journaling for everyone will begin this week.  They are staging enabling users for archiving, but with a 90 policy it'll be some time before all the current data is captured. 

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In my opinion you'd be better of educating them that prior to the journal-date, data is across the mailbox archives. That way it will be a constant reminder than when they look prior to the journal date, that they are in fact seeing INCOMPLETE data.

If they insist, then I guess you could export the mailboxes .. and import them to a journal mailbox (perhaps with a different name) and send them to a journal archive (again with a different name). I wouldn't wait to do 'all' of them at once, do 50-100 mailboxes at a time.

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