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Import process repeatedly requests media be inserted, but the media is already in there

Created: 10 Jun 2014 • Updated: 10 Jun 2014 | 6 comments
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Brand new BE 2010 R3 installation -- 2K8 R2.  Brand new Dell TL2000. Latest firmware, latest drivers, confirmed by Dell tech.

Right now, I just am trying to import the cleaning media into the 23rd slot. I used the import command from BE. I went to the bot, unlocked the magazine, slipped the new cleaning tape into slot 23, closed and locked. I can see that the Dell TL2000 admin software SEES the tape in the 23rd slot, so I know I have the right physical location. However, when I return to BE 2010 to click okay to the media intervention request, it accepts the Ok press, then comes back requesting _again_ that media be inserted into the slot. I click okay again, it disappears for a sec, then comes back, again requesting media be inserted. 

Please insert media into the portal.

Respond OK to acknowledge.
Respond Cancel to cancel the operation.

Ideas? Need more info to help?

-- J

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...not sure you need to import a cleaning tape to be honest. Unlock the library, put the tape in and then run an Inventory on it. Then right-click the drive in Devices and choose the option to clean it.


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"Please insert media into the portal."

It sounds like you are confusing the import and the bulk load processes.

You told BE to run an import job, so BE is on a quest to find a cartridge in the portal and move it to the slot you selected (#23) in the GUI..

But then you went to the library and removed the magazine to put the cartridge directly in slot 23.

Just cancel the import job alert and you should be good to go.

In the future, you can do EITHER bulk load or import, but you cannot do them at the same time.  when you do a bulk load, all you need to do is run a "scan" job, assuming you are using bar code labels and then BE will know what is in each slot.

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No, it is not "required" if you are using bar code labels, but it may be advised in certain scenarios.  If you are using a brand new (ie blank) tape, then I would suggest inventory & erase to make sure that there are no hiccups during the first backup that uses that tape.  If the tape has been used in a different system or if there is any question about what that tape really is, then an inventory and maybe a "catalog" job would be advised.

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No, it is not "required" if you are using bar code labels

While an inventory is not necessary if barcode labels are used, a scan is definitely required after a bulk load.  Otherwise, BE will not know the updated status of the library.

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Thank you much!

I used to use the Dell 124T, so that's where my confusion came in. I'm used to running an import, so as to not interrupt the backup process with an inventory. Larry, most helpful, thanks a ton! I have seen the same thing -- where a new tape needs to be quick-erased, inventoried, and catalogued.

So, it would seem that with a magazine loader, I can fill the magazines and then run a scan, even though the backups might be running. This will not interrupt the process.