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Importing and Exporting Altiris Reports from 6.5 to 7.1

Created: 10 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

I am moving from Altiris 6 to altiris 7.  Both servers are still up and running.  I want to export many of the built in and custom version 6 reports to version 7.  I am wondering if it is just as simple as exporting the XML from 6 and Importing the XML to 7?  Also how in the world do I create a new Report Group in version 7. Thank you!

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I think you have to use the Migration Wizard to get reports from 6.x into 7. Then they appear as legacy reports.

You may find that some of your custom reports reference tables that no longer exist in 7, i've got round this before by creating Views (using SQL Server Enterprise Studio on the database directly) that have the same name and fields as the old tables. The Altiris reports don't care l if the object they're querying is a Table or View.

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The report structure is very different in altiris 7, using the migration wizard will only give you read only reports so you will have to recreate them with the Altiris 7 report builder.  Also you have to know that the database structure have change and sometimes you need to rewrite sql queries.

What do you mean by report group ?  You refer to security groups maybe ?