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importing expired tape

Created: 10 Sep 2012 • Updated: 11 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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Netbackup Enterprise running on Solaris 10

I got a Monthly tape range MRT001 - MRT012
All of them has been Vaulted except one tape MRT008 which has return to the library.

Now I need to restore files from all of these tapes. and that is easy except from one MRT008 which got expired some weeks ago.
This MRT008 is now Active and IN the library it just wait for the next Monthly schedule.
All the data on that tape must still be there as it was last mounted a year ago.

I try to import the tape from the catalog view.
I select import and Media id MRT008, I select Media server and Date/Time Range to before the backup onto this tape, leave the rest default.
When I hit search it can't find anything.I searched the forums and it seems I have to delete this media first before it can find it.

If I just select Media ID <all> it still can't find anything.

Does this mean you can just import media that doesn't exist at all?
In my case the media exist it is just expired.

Any help/insight appreciated.

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You have to run "Initiate Imporrt"(says Phase I) before searching images that can be imported. Go [Actions]-[Initiate Import].

After Phase I, set [Action] lisbox as import and search images, selet images, right click, click "import".

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Ah, that did the trick.

A bit confusing with the Search button on the page though.

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I can't find any reference in the online manuals or the PDF ones that Phase 1 is "Action->Initiate Import".

From the manual:

Importing backup images, Phase I
Phase I of the import process creates a list of expired images from which to select
to import in Phase II. No import occurs in Phase I.
If tape is used, each tape must be mounted and read. It may take some time to
read the catalog and build the list of images.
To import an online, hot catalog backup, import all of the child jobs that were
used to create the catalog backup.
To initiate an import
◆ To import Backup Exec media, run the vmphyinv physical inventory utility
to update the Backup Exec media GUID in the NetBackup Media Manager
database. Run the command only once after creating the media IDs in the
NetBackup Media Manager database.

And next step Phase 2 is clearly explained.

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Step by step procedure on how to import NetBackup backup images via the NetBackup Administration Console GUI.

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Excellent Andy, thanx a lot, this is what I was looking for.