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Importing Media BE 2012

Created: 18 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Having got to grips somewhat with the new flavour I have a question/need some 'how to' tips. When I am trying to restore from tape I keep getting asked to insert another tape and creat an import job (Obviously the data is on the requested tape) so how do I do this while the restore is running, do I just give this job a higher priority or will the import override the restore job? At the moment I am stopping the restore, inserting the tape and running the inventory - I can't believe that even BE has to do it this way. Helpl!!!

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Do you have a library (device that can hold multiple tapes) or just a single tape drive (device that only holds one tape)?

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You can't do an import during any job. You would have to cancel the job and put all the required tapes into the library, then rerun the job

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If you are using a robotic library, many (but not all) robotic libraries allow you to run an import job while the restore job is running.  It depends upon the hardware and how it handles the mailslot/portal, etc.

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We have a HP Tape library MSL 2024 which 24 slots, I currently have 3 x weekly sets and a set of Daily tapes in the cassettes just to do this restore!!! It just seems a bit of overkill for two folders - I am running the job again after it asked for yet another tape on Friday

frown Definitely have better things to do than run between sites to pick up tapes for this job.......

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What version of BE are you using?

Are tapes exported from the various sites you administrate?

It sounds like you may not have the necessary media in the tape library, at the time of the restore. The job log will show which tape(s) was targeted for the backup. Assuming you are using barcode labels, it should be real easy to tell if that tape(s) in the library or not.

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BE 2012 and I have the latest weekly backup tapes to use for the restore. The problem occurs when these are not the correct tapes or it has to go further back in the regime. That's when I get the 'Import' request so I just wanted to know if I could do this without cancelling the restore job completely; although I have now found that I can re-run the cancelled job once the additional tapes have been inventoried or catalogued.