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Improving your BE and SEP experience

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 Simplified Access & Expanded Non-English Language Support Now Available!

Our top-level Backup Exec and Symantec Endpoint Protection landing pages ( and have been dramatically streamlined and simplified, with a number of changes designed to make important information more readily accessible. In addition to basic changes, like moving contact numbers to the Contact Support page:

  • Knowledge base searches are now available from every page
  • All BE and SEP landing pages will have a “Change Language” element.  The language choices are English and nine other non-English languages.  The language preference is saved (by a cookie), and subsequent pages on will display in that language.

 SymHelp - Updated:  Now Accessed via "Diagnostics" link:

Symantec announces the latest upgrade of our free, diagnostic self-help utility (SymHelp) to assess your environment and assist in solving common issues for BE and SEP.

Tool access is now via a link labeled “Diagnostics”.  As always, the tool assists you with data gathering and troubleshooting, but now in seven languages.  The language preference is saved (by a cookie), and subsequent pages on display in that language.

There has been no change to SymHelp’s core functionality.  It continues to perform checks by gathering and analyzing information from your local computer. SymHelp does not permanently alter any files on your computer unless you explicitly agree to this when prompted. SymHelp does not permanently install anything on your computer when it runs.

To download SymHelp today, click here: 

For more information click here.

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