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Inaccessible PGD disks on another system

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

Hi, I had a 2 virtual PGP disk files running on an old XP computer. Now I have moved the 2 disk files into a new computer running Win7 x64, and I also exported the keyring files. 

If I try do mount the pgd files, I just got an error message that says: <PGP disk mount failed because:"item not found.">

In my experience, it should be enough to just move PGD files along with the keyring files in order to mount the PGD files, or did I misunderstood something? If I look at the PGD files from within PGP itself, I see that there is a <unknown user>, even if I have imported the old keys and signed them. 

The PGP version on the XP computer was v.9.x and the Win 7 computer has PGP v.10.2, but I believe it should not matter, or does it? 

Thanks :)

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Tom Mc's picture

The PGP versions you mention should be okay.

I'm a little confused because you mention both keyring files, and importing keys.  If you had exported your keys and then imported them, did you make sure to include the private key in the export?  If you did, you can, and should, right click on the key(s) in PGP Desktop's All Keys, select Key Properties, and set Trust to Implicit. 

If you have the keys set as having Implicit Trust, it might possibly be related to how you are trying to mount the virtual disks.  I prefer to double click on the PGD files, while some prefer to mount from the PGP Desktop GUI.

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