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Incident Representation Settings

Created: 19 Jul 2013 | 3 comments


Has anyone ever used the Incident Representation settings on the protocol configurations under System > Settings > Protocols > SMTP ?

I want to disable our ability to see traffic on the internal/inbound and I know that creating an exclusion in the policy for our domains or just allowing Uni-Directional flow at the switches would solve the issue but I'd like to handle the exclusion at the L7 side of things. The SYMC definition of how the Uni-Directional setting works is as follows:

Uni-Directional - Evaluate only outgoing traffic.

Has anyone toyed with this feature to make sure it works as intended?

Thank you

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Hi tim,

 Yes L7 filters works fine, but take into account that there is a 512 caracters limit in fields length. You can find lot of example on this forum (for example -*

So i worked for international companies where there is lot of internal email domains (depending of subsidiarie name) and so it wasnt possible to select mail traffic to monitor at L7 level.


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I was actually wondering about the setting for Uni-Directional under the Incident Representation settings in the protocol. I've used the L7 filters before and know that they functional correctly but was curious if anyone has ever enabled Uni-Directional traffic through DLP rather than at the switch level.

Thank you for the response though!

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 sorry, I didnt get your point (i know i must have cupS of coffee before doing anything on monday morning :) ).

I have never use it but you can have a look at

I think it is more about an information on net flow sent to DLP rather than a filtering mechanism, but this is just my feeling and it is not based on my experience.