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Incomplete AntiVirus Inventory with Altiris 7.1

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 25 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there,

We recently updated to Altiris 7.1 (current release).

As we use SEP as well I wanted to configure the AntiVirus Inventory.

As described in the User Guide ( ; Page 22) I configured the Antivirus Inventory.

But I´m getting back incomplete data from all clients:

Am I doing something wrong?

Especially the “Server Name” would be really important for me.


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FYI: We're still only running SEP 11 in our environment but I'm seeing pretty much the same amount of SEP data on my clients as well so you're not alone.


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Are you using the Symantec Endpoint Protection integration Component (SEPIC)?

"KNOWN ISSUE: Inventory Solution 7.x doesn't properly detect Anti-virus software"

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Thanks for the Article.

I actually configured it that way and yes we are using SEPIC 7.1 SP2, but I get only the results you can see in the screenshot.

Also the Report “Reports > All Reports > Symantec Endpoint Protection Management > Antivirus Version Summary” does not show any SEP Version.

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I already had the SEPIC installed and antivirus inventory has been running for awhile now so for TECH47316, the only thing I had to do was uncheck the Antivirus data class from my full inventory policy.  The article says to check the report after AV inventory runs but it still doesn't display version numbers like Zebbelin is seeing.  Do I need to wait until a full inventory runs on my clients before seeing any changes?  You wouldn't think so since the solution has you excluding the antivirus data class from being inventoried but thought I'd ask.

I'm actually seeing SEP version numbers in my SMC's SEPM dashboard and in various reports so it'd be funny if my unchecking that antivirus data class does the opposite and wipes what info I'm now seeing after my clients run a full inventory.  Unfortunately I only do a full at the start of each month and don't want to change this schedule just for this test so if it has to run then I won't find anything out until next month.  However, if the completion of an AV inventory should do the trick to populate version numbers in the specified report then it ain't working.


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Thought I should elaborate that I'm not seeing antivirus names or version numbers specifically in my Antivirus Version Summary report and I think I know why.  I randomly checked a few computer names listed in this report and discovered that none of them are managed clients!  Did I miss a configuration setting in the SMC or is this a bug in SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1?


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Ok it looks like there is no out of the box soltuion for my problem.

So I wrote a custom Inventory that gives me back the "LastServerIP" Registry Value and some others:


Thanks everybody for your help!

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