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Inconsistent Cloning

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 1 comment


We are having a reoccuring issue with GSS 2.5, that we cant figure out.

Here are the typical symptons

We are trying to clone a group of 12 machines using ghost console. These machines are all patched into the same switch. The Pre OS environment is WinPE.

When trying to clone 12 machines we run into an issue where the imaging process will get stuck, usually at around 1 or 2 percent. However, as the machines are in WinPE I can then sucessfully break the group of 12 machines into 4 groups of 3 machines. All I change is copy the original task and point it at a new machine group. I am then able to run 4 tasks simultaneously without issue.

So to clarify this is the same group of machines, that has been split into a multiple smaller groups. I am in the same virtual partition, pushing the same image, using the same switch and the same cabling and the same WinPE driver.

Im completely stuck, can anyone help



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If you are using Multicast, make sure you have IGMP snooping enabled on your switch otherwise sessions will indeed die after a few minutes.

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