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increase the size of cfs filesystem in linux

Created: 17 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

We need to increase the cluster filesystem size in vcs in linux thru adding the new lun. Please provide me the steps. I need to extend the size. Thanks

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You need to initialise LUN (vxdisksetup -i ) and add LUN to diskgroup (vxdg -g diskgroup adddisk) and then grow volume and filesystem to new disk.  You must grow volumes on the CVM master - see extract from SFCFS Admin guide:

There is a master node for CVM as well as a primary for SFCFS. When growing a
file system, you grow the volume from the CVM master, and then grow the file
system from any SFCFS node. The CVM master and the SFCFS node can be different
To determine the primary file system in a cluster
■ To determine the primary file system in a cluster, type the following command:
   # fsclustadm -v showprimary mount_point
To determine that the current node is the master CVM node
■ To determine if the current node is the master CVM node, type the following comannd:
   # vxdctl -c mode
To actually increase the size of the file system
1. On the master CVM node, type the following command:
    # vxassist -g shared_disk_group growto volume_name newlength
2. On any SFCFS node, type the following command:
    # fsadm -F vxfs -b newsize -r device_name mount_point
So this says you don't need to increase filesystem on the primary for filesystem (which may be a different node to the CVM master), so I don't know why it tells you how to find out the primary for the filesystem if this is not relevent if you can extend filesystem on any node.  Also vxresize is easier as this extends both volume and filesystem so I would use this instead of increasing volume and filesystem with different commands - see example from SFCFS Admin guide:
# vxresize -g oradatadg oradatavol +2G
The above command will use ANY free space in the diskgroup - if there is other free space in the diskgroup you do NOT want to use and you want to ONLY increase on to your newly added disk then use:
# vxresize -g oradatadg oradatavol +2G !LUN_NAME

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