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The incremental and duplication jobs not running (Rule Blocked).

Created: 18 Jan 2013 • Updated: 03 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All !!

I have a problem when running these scheduled tasks in one of our customers.

The atmosphere is composed of a single server Windows SBS 2011 Standard, with Backup Exec 2012 SBS STD ( v14 Rev 1798 x64) with a Iomega NAS connected.

Tasks were scheduled backup to run a FULL WEEKLY (Sundays, for example) at 11 AM. AND planned DAILY INCREMENTAL tasks that run in the morning of each day.

The tasks FULL were implemented sucesful, but the incremental were not executed, no errors are shown in the alerts or LOGS JOBS is only displayed in state "Rule Blocked".

A job file, which the Job FULL runs without problem. But sensed the note of the Scheduled Job Incremental (This backup will…)

It was followed in the footsteps of the KB, again and were created jobs, but the problem persists.

In order to perform a collection of information with SGMon.exe, we performed a backup job with the name "SBS2011. Backup Test". I think a Job is FULL to run the 18/01/13 at 16:00pm. It runs correctly. Is configured in addition, a incremental job to run the 18/01/13 at 16:10pm. It is not executed. You've set up a job of deduplication to run once performed the last full backup. It was not carried out.

Within several Post from Symantec/Connect detected that may be an error in how the rules of errors. Are you disabled all the options, and restarted the services. Disabled all the Error-Handgling Rules, restarted the services of Backup Exec, but the problem persists.

Log is attached captured by SGMon.exe file and a PDF with the screenshots of the error.

We reviewed all the jobs that do not overlap ... Ran the repair installation from Control Panel > Add .... but the problem persists ...

Any idea? Any contribution will be welcome, because we are running the full backups, but it is not our idea ...

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...are you running SP1a with any subsequent patches installed? If not, do so and check again...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Im getting the same errors as Esteban have tried...any fix for this yet?

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Hi andy81711,

I'm with a support case open. 

As of today cannot find a solution to the issue. In my case has been happening to me on a Windows SBS 2011 STD.

In a principle we disable the function of circular logging of MS Exchange. But the problem continued.

Then, we generate only a backup task that supports all the files i need for my client (Backup FULL). It performs the full without problems, but the incremental job still shows the same error.

My next step, up to wait for a response from Symantec, it would repair BEDB database. If the problem persists, I'm going to reinstall the product. angry

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In the yesterday troubleshoot the problem as follows.

This error in the job status is due to the fact that the role of Circular Logging is enabled in MS Exchange.

  • You must disable this option, by following the steps shown Do not forget disassemble and reassemble the databases of Mailboxs and also of Public Folders. Restart the service of MS Exchange Information Store.
  • Restart the services of BE.
  • Perform Full Backup again.
  • Then we can perform incremental backup.