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Incremental backup

Created: 18 Mar 2010 • Updated: 20 Sep 2010 | 3 comments

I have Netbackup 5.1, I am trying to setup an daily incremental backup after a full backup of the same directorys. On Monday it acts as though the full backup failed and trys to do a full backup. Then on Tuesday it looks like the incremental backup works. Has anyone ever had this problem, or can point me in the right direction to resolve this issue?

Thank You,

Craig Chang

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J.H Is gone's picture

So you have a full schedule (frequency or calender?)  if frequency what is the frequency?  What is your window?
And you have incremental (frequency or calender?) if frequency what is the frequency?
  What is your window.

I am going to assume from your post that you do a full on the weekend (Friday night?) and then the incremental Monday night to Thursday night.

So Friday night should be a big window and the frequency should be every 3 days (or 4 but I would not go with 5)
the weeknight would have a smaller window and be say every 10 or 16 hours.

can you please do a bppllist <POLICY> -L
and post the Schedule information.

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Depending of you frequency and if you ran any manual job in the past week  it will affect the next run. Like if you have a weekly backup that runs sundays and this fails and you run it on Monday morning, you will think it will run in next Sunday but not, also not even on next monday it will run until the 2nd sunday (14 days later). Sounds like your issue points in that direction, share the policy details and we can explain more.


Omar Villa

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Craig, one more question - did you add the Full and Incremental schedules to the same policy, or are they in different policies?
For Full and Incrementals to work as expected, they need to be in the same policy.
Output of policy as per J.Hinchcliffe's request will help us to understand what's causing the issue.

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