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Incremental backup

Created: 19 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

Hi, what the problem with incremental backup, the backup files with incremental job weight too much like if i did a simple backup, what can be a problem?

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? What are you getting at? Are you backing up too much information in the INCR backup? What is the change rate of your files?


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Change of the files is minimum about 50 mb per day, but the incremental backup fill the disk space is about as i did full backup, mb i didnt understand something ,but it should be much more less space on disk.

Andrew Madsen's picture

What does your job report as the size of your incremental? If it is the same as a full post the latest job log. It may be you are having isses with your TIR file and still doing a full even though it is an incremental schedule.

Also what are you backing up? If it si a database and you are using a file system agent then you will backup the whole file not just the changes.

What version are you using on what platform?

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