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Incremental, full backup and netbackup accelerator not working properly....NBU 7.5

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi ,

On multiple servers, even though this is not the first backup, at times, the NBU considers the backup as the first backup and backs up the complete data on the server. This is irrespective of whether it is a full / incremental backup. During this backup, even accelerator also will be considering this as the first job.

Has anyone noticed this issue?

I have noticed this on two entirely backup environments.

1st ENV:


Master/media: Netbackup applaince 5220 2.5.2



2nd ENV:


Master: RHEL NBU

Media: Netbackup applaince 5220 2.5.2



Operating Systems:
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Are you running the same policy with different schedules or different policies?

Do backups end with status 0 or status 1?

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1 policy with 2 schedules - Incrementals on weekdays and Full on weekend.

The jobs ends with 0.

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I'm seeing a similar issue with a couple of large remote clients

Master/media: Netbackup applaince 5220 2.5.2


A full backup completes, then the incremental backs up much more then we'd expect and equals the full in size and time.

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For normal incremental backups NetBackup takes last full back as a reference point to determine files to backup in an incremental backup.

NetBackup is sensitive to atime, ctime and mtime if anything is changing around here on the source filesystem, incremental backups can end up backing up entire data.

This technote covers NetBackup behaviour:

DOCUMENTATION: How does the function of a file's "mtime," "atime," and "ctime" determine its inclusion in a NetBackup incremental backup?
In case of accelerator backup -  Accelerator backup policy should have only Full schedule. Activity Monitor will show data size of full backup however we need to focus on time taken to perform this backup.
Backup size will always be size of filesystem however time taken to backup this size of data will drastically reduce from second backup.

Anshu Pathak