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Incremental & Full backup - Associate media set

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Dear Sirs,

We are using BE12 and HP24 tapes . BE is been setup to run full backup ( every Friday at 11pm ) and backup ( every day at 4am ).

The media set of the tapes are associate as shown below:

Incremental backup: tapes 1-18

Full backup: tapes 19-24

The issue we are experiencing is that the full backup is using random tapes from the tapes which are associate with incremental backup. Upon completion of the full backup those tapes change the media set from incremental to full backup.

Please advise how to solve this issue in order full backups to use the tapes 19-24.

Full backup media set:

Incremental backup media set:

Backup job:

Thanks in advance.


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If the tapes are available to be overwritten then they will be used. If you have an autoloader/library then partitions can help you get around this.

Otherwise this is by design.


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I have autoloader/library and I just create two (2) partitions.

- Tapes 1 - 18

- Tapes 19 - 24

Hope and pray now to use for full backup the tapes 19 - 24.

Thanks fo your assistance!

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The reason why your full backup is using the tapes meant for your incremental backups is that your full backup cannot find any suitable tapes in the the full backup media set.  This is because the OPP/AP is not set correctly.

Since you have partitioned your library, BE will not be able to access tapes in the other partition.  Your full backup job will fail the next time that it cannot find a suitable tape in its partition.  You should be looking at correcting the OPP/AP of the full backup media set, rather than partitioning your tape drive.

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As long as you target your jobs to the correct slots with the correct tapes you will essentially be forcing the system to use the same tapes and keep them in the same media sets.


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