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Incremental jobs

Created: 18 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

now i got exact way to proceed with weekly backup.

Now my concern is has you said that we should give server1 two jobs to perfrom backup on alternative weeks, then how to configure incremental job to run on daily purpose either we have to give incremental on job1 or job2 or in both the jobs.

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You would need to define daily incremental jobs for each of your weekly job.  If you want to run from Mon-Thu, you would need to define 4 incremental jobs to run on each of the days.  Use the monthly recurrance to define each of the incremental jobs.

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Hi pkh,

I have one doubt i.e. why we have to run incremental job on both job1(1st week) and job2(3rd week) for the same server?

As per my knowledge it will take the backup of same data twice, correct me if I am wrong.

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hi pkh,

PFA image and correct me if any changes are required.

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An incremental backup will backup changes and additions that has occurred since the LAST incremental or full backup.  Suppose you do an incrmemtal backup after job1 it will backup the changes/additions since job1.  Likewise, with job2.  Hence these incrementals are not backing up the same data.

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Hi Incremental job failed to complete by given below mentioned error ("On all the servers")

But when I try to run incremental job manually it give me the error saying No idle devices are avaialable.

NOTE: I am backing up incremental job on local disk (C:)

Need your help desperatly before my TL know about this issue.

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Check if the Disk Storage (local disk C:\) is in use by other backup/restore jobs or not...possibly concurrency is set low & there are other jobs using the Disk Storage. If yes, try increasing the concurrency & check.