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Incrimental restore fails with erased media

Created: 20 Jun 2013 | 12 comments

I've been trying to do restores from my incremental clear back to my full (in the log you can see six days of successful backups (starting with the highlighted line):


you can see that it did work:



However, this is the error I get when trying to do a restore:


You can see the error here which does not match up to what my logs are saying. ANy ideas on this one? (i'm running a new full backup as we speak). Thanks

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...what is your catalog retention time? Unless it is left at the default, you might want to try a Catalog job first, and then run the restore.


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Along with Craigs recommendation to run the catalog make sure Backup Exec is fully patched through Live Updates and afterward the remote agents pushed out to remote servers

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If the above suggestions for running live update and running a catalog prior to running a restore job. i would suggest your opening a support case so that a TSE can take a look at a debug log. 

when you browse through the backup sets /contents does it display that the data is infact there ?

If you open a support case please provide us with the case # as Lenora or myself would be glad to take it over and assist you in your troubleshooting efforts. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Looking at the error, it does look like the data that you are looking for has been erased. The restore job selections come from the catlogs which are left on disk in (Backup Exec\Catalogs folder).
You would need to physically verify if the data that you are trying to restore is present. One way of doing it would be by reconfirming retention settings as mentioned by CraigV. The other thins would be to expand the 'Device and Media Information' in the successful job logs and note the media labels used. Then go to the device and try to see if those media are still protected and exist.

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sorry, i'm still actually learning this software after all this time! How can you tell it's been erased (pardon my ignorance). i'll try your verification steps as well. thanks

CraigV's picture 1 of 2 ways:

1. The tape is erased manually. You do this through BE under Devices by right-clicking the tape and choosing the option to erase it. Total data lost as the header is erased making the tape part of the scratch set again.

2. When you tape's Append/OPP settings (as defined in your media set) are reached, the tape becomes overwritable. Once new data is written to this tape, the data is lost.


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Be aware that in BE 2012 the restore view of incremental sets hows a synthetic view of all of the files and folders present (to the last full I believe) Then when you start the restore it will try and locate every piece of media for the required selections and use them all one at a time until all the files selected are recovered. 

As such the media that has been erased or overwritten, might not be the most recent backup job.

Note the above is a stepchange from how previous versions of Backup Exec handled both the presentation of the restore selections for incremental jobs and the ability to restore all the files from a file system even if they were in different incremental jobs.