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Index Drive Space Issue

Created: 24 Aug 2012 • Updated: 14 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
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We have EV 9 and space issue with Index drive. We have 27.5 gb free space and I was wondering how would it impact when it goes out of space. Does it impact only the search functionality through explorer or anything else?

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If you run out of space, then really what should happen is that all the EV Services shut down.
If you play in the NoMonitor keys or set the Disks to be monitored not to include the index drive then it would simply fail all the indexes and items would back up in to your JournalArchive tables awaiting for the items to index....

Also people wouldn't be able to do initial synchronizations of their vault cache, archive explorer and search.asp would also not be able to return results and discovery searches would also fail.

You should either extend the drive, or move the index location or move out users indexes to another location.

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When your index disk drive is out of disk space, your EV services will stop working as a fail safe, unless you exclude them from the Admin service monitoring.

Anyway, yes, you won't be able to Search and Archive Explore. New archived items won't get indexed. You will more likely to get corrupted indexes this will get nasty.

You best bet to provide more disk space or expand the disk if you are using VM as soon. Or move the index location to a bigger disk...or close the index location and open new locatiosn so new users won;t be index in the same location but at the new location...please beware that existing indexes will still written to even though that location is closed. Or you upgrade to version 10 to benefit new/64 bit Index features.

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But if you do upgrade to EV 10 note you will need some working space as you upgrade the indexes to the new 64 bit architecture (which you can phase). Also bear in mind if your indexes are currently medium level they will be converted to full indexes which are larger.

Andy Joyce
Director, Technical Field Enablement (EV,, Clearwell)
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It is a great question to ask... and of course as with most things, it's generally a 'bad thing' if a server-based drive runs out of space.

It is best to add additional index locations and close the existing one(s).

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On EV9 though, that will just stop new archives being created in the existing index locations.
the indexes themselves for existing archives will still continue to grow as more items get archived.

The solution is either
1. Extend the drive
2. Move some index volumes from one root path to another
3. Move an entire index root path to a new drive
4. the long shot of running a more aggressive expiry and delete archives that are no longer used, though the impact is minimal

In some cases i've heard of people running out of space on their index drives, the indexes fail and then being told to rebuild the indexes, and suddenly you've got more space on your drive, but the issue will just come right back once that index has completed its rebuild