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Indexing Suspended Urgent.

Created: 20 Mar 2007 • Updated: 25 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, version 4, I know it's old and we are looking to upgrade to v7, by our archiving has stopped and the journal is filling up quickly.

Anyone any ideas where to start?



Update of Vault Index with Storage transactions from 577122 to 586079 suspended whilst processing transaction number 577122

Vault: EXJOURNAL3_0019
Vault Id: 1F3E52A6B6E2D6142AA8B94DBC4DB5FB81110000vault
Vault Store: Journal Vault Store
Vault Store Id: 11E409C1C2A78734680C49585BE08A2681210000vault

Elapsed Time: 0:0:25 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Number of index additions replayed: 0
Number of index deletions replayed: 0

NOTE: The total number of index additions and deletions replayed may be less than the number of transactions processed. This is because the index update process is optimized so that index additions are not replayed for items that are known to have been fully deleted from the Vault.

Number of archived items with an old version of the common index elements: 1

NOTE: Index additions used the common index elements stored in the archived item. Items with old versions of the common index elements may not be indexed with the same level of functionality as items archived using the latest version of the common index elements.

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Micah Wyenn's picture

You'll prolly need to open a support case for this. V4 doesn't have the tools you'll need to fix this in it's base install dirs.


Michael Bilsborough's picture


I very much doubt support would really take the call.
However that message is won't be causing journalling nor working.

Are items getting onto storage archive queue?

chris styles's picture

You are correct on one count, no they won't take the call even though I have a valid support contract they won't even discuss the upgrade path.

As for the problem.. It stops the messages being journaled because it says that there are too many messages waiting to be indexed.

I have backed up the SQL database and set the indexed flag on the stuck message to 1, restarted the index service and it processes a few hundred messages and stops again.

I have found that if I stop the Index service, and Storage service, then start the storage service and leave for about half an hour, then start the index service it processes a few thousand and then stalls again.

I'm going to leave the index service stopped overnight and see if it processes everything tomorrow.

How this part of the vault system works I have no idea.

Looks like I am going to have to pay someone to come in and sort it eventually but I need to get rid of the 40,000 journaled emails which is growing by 20,000 a day, first.

Any further ideas anyone?

Michael Bilsborough's picture

Hkey_local_machine/software/kvs/enterprise vault/storage

Create a DWORD registry key called
MonitorPendingIndexing and give it a value of 20000
Restart the storage service and journal service and see if that kicks journalling off again.

chris styles's picture

I could try bumping the number up, that would sort out the very short term.

After last night it looks like it has started to try and recreate the index again, it is now on 746 or 59256 and suspended.

Is there any way to either delete this index and recreate it, or force a roll over ove the journal archive so that it starts to create a new index for that one?

Cheers for your help so far.

chris styles's picture

Don't know if this is a good idea or not but out of desperation and with a gun ho attitude did it anyway..

I stopped all services, renamed the index folder for the archive with problems out of the way and started the services.

It recreated the index when the index service started and is apparently churning away so it could have been a corrupt index, only time will tell.

Is this an OK thing to do, or will I be missing all my previously indexed items?

chris styles's picture
Well index rebuilt and all working well.
I am VERY surprised that there is so little knowledge of a product that is only three years old on the net.
I'll upgrade to the latest version I think, once I can work out how given I can't talk to symantec and no one seems to know how. Then ditch the product.
TonySterling's picture
Sorry you feel that way.
To get to the latest version you will have to first upgrade to version 5 first, then version 6, and then go to version 7.
There are some things to be aware of when updgrading such as before you go to EV 6 sp 1 or greater make sure to convert your archives to structured.  (Structured archives were introduced in EV 5)
You best bet would be to engage either SYMC consulting or a third party consulting group that specializes in EV to do the upgrade for you.
chris styles's picture
Thanks for the reply Tony, Just a pain that I can't even discuss with someone. Can you imagine if MS removed support for Office 2003 because it was 3 years old. We only use it really for Journal storage so as it wasn't broken, why upgrade it.
I have asked a company who have consultants who know the software back to v4 to come in. They are saying the same, upgrade all the way through which is fine. I doubt I will bother pushing the client extensions out though.
Anyone know of any gotcha's when upgrading? Whats the latest build of v7 and has it been out long.
Thanks for the time.
Michael Bilsborough's picture
You may well find that your old clients are not compatible with later versions. e.g. V4 client against V7 server for example.