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Infinitive INC backups

Created: 28 Jul 2013 | 1 comment


We have a /RMAN directory where Oracle dumps RMAN backups.
The RMAN backups rotates after 5 days, using a /RMAN/backup1 -> /RMAN/backup5 dir structure.
Netbackup backup this directory to tape avery day.
Currently we do FULL on Saturdays and INC the rest of the days.
As RMAN writes only to backup1 on day 1 and backup2 on day 2 the INC always takes just that days directory.


Now, on Saturdays we take a FULL to "reset" the INC, that includes the other 4 "already backed up" directories.
Taking FULL backups on Saturdays doesn't really make sense in term of recovery as we have a complete set on all backup1-5 already.
I was thinking of doing INC infinetivly, but will Netbackup eventually fail something because I never run a FULL ???

Just doing INC forever will meet my recovery needs as the latest backup1-5 will always be backed up.
On day 6 RMAN it will rotate and backup to backup1 again, overwriting/deleting it's contents.
I could run a FULL on my monthly backup which is just another schedule from the same policy, different Volume pool though.

Any potential pitfalls here?

Some other way of achieving the same result?


- Roland

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