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Created: 30 Aug 2012 • Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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Can somebody here please provide the list of library model and robot type which ae supported by NBU 6.X and 7.X ?

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M1500 - Fibre Channel ATL^^^^^M1500 SCSI ID TLD 2.02
M1500 - SCSI ATL^^^^^M1500 SCSI ID TLD 2.02
M1800 - Fibre Channel ATL^^^^^M1500 SCSI ID TLD Using FC 310.
M1800 - SCSI ATL^^^^^M1500 SCSI ID TLD
M2500 - Fibre Channel
In this what are the model type?
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No idea, you can check model type on the physical robot itself then use the "find" facility in the PDF viewer to find the robot.

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M1500 is a Quantum M1500 tape library, M1800 is a derivative I belive, M2500 is two M1500 libraries stacked together with a pass-through robot

Looks like they are also using SCSI to FC bridges

Can't see a problem with any other those working with NetBackup - have certainly used them  up to V 6.5.6 and have a customer running using an M2500 without issue

Your only issue, if i have identified them correctly, is their age now - long out of production

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