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Information on best way to barcode server assets to locations in the rack

Created: 03 Jan 2014
greg_zielinski's picture

I'm trying to search on examples or ideas and I am coming up short. Is anyone else is doing this? We already scan desktops assets to locations.  Each location is its own barcode.

We would like to scan servers to their rack location but not just the entire rack, but to the specific RMU.

Ideas are each rack is a barcoded location and then somehow a custom field to manually select the rack RMU #.

Another is to give each RMU it's own barcode.  We would then roll it up using resource association.

So racks 1-20 would be 20 locations.  Then each would have an RMU location associated with it.  Likely to be numbers 1-1, 1-2, and 2-1, 2-2.  Where the RMU barcode # is unique to each rack # and RMU #.

Then there is the issue how various unit sizes would work.  Since I don't think you can assign an asset to multiple locations, I would assume the starting RMU # would be the location.  Would I then have a custom field for reporting RMU usage?

For example, if I have a 2U server in Unit 1 and a 1 U server in Unit 4.  I'd wan't to know I'm using 3 U's and RMU location 3 is empty.