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Information from a placeholder file

Created: 12 Oct 2010 | 5 comments

Is there any way to gleam information from a placeholder file?

I.E. I have some placeholders and I don't know what archive they point to, is it possible to find out easily?

My problem stems from the fact that we migrated some data to a new server but due to the size of the archived data we had to backup the placeholders to tape and then restore onto the new server. However because the migrated data was reorganised at the same time the placeholders point to many different archives. I'd like to somehow get all the archived files into one new archive but I'm not entirely sure how as yet.

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refer the following to know how place holder works

you can re-create the place holder or move them using FSAutility

refer the following post as well

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Well I think I've read through those before and although the first one is kind of interesting I'm not sure it tells me everything I need to know (unless I'm missing the obvious).

From the output of FSUtil I can see some references to some long hex numbers that look like they refer to either a vault ID or a Archive ID but they don't seem to match up with any vaults or archive ID's I can gleam from the admin console.

It would be cool if I could find some way of getting the actual archive name that the placeholder points to. Maybe I need to be looking at SQL for this.

The second link is also interesting but I couldn't seem to make Robocopy work despite the authors claims that it does work. Moving the placeholders with FSAUtility was deemed too slow for the amount of data we had too.

My end game is that I want to identify archives that are no longer in use so I can delete them but I want to be sure that ALL placeholders in a folder tree point to the new archive before I do that.

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if you have an ID like this

go to the Vault Admin Console, hold Shift and right click Archives and then select Find Archive or Folder and put the ID in there and it will tell you where it came from

if it returns no results then it means either the archive has been deleted or the ID is for something like a service or a task or something else that is not an archive or folder id etc

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Shift and right click doesn't seem to give me the option of Find Archive, do I need to enable anything else before it will give me the option?