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Informix OnBar Restore Slow using NetBackup

Created: 17 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

NetBackup Master Server :

Windows 2008 R2 , NetBackup

NetBackup Client

AIX 7.1 , NetBackup

Informix 11.70.FC4W1GE

I have configure informix onbar backup policy which running fine, and i get around 100MB/s. The onbar is doing whole system backup on informix, then i test restore back to the server ( Server still in testing mode, which have some data around 24 GB ), the restore works but i only have around 4MB/s.

All backup and restore is to NetBackup master basic disk storage units, transport LAN.

i took me 20 mins to backup but 1hr30mins to restore.

i test backup standard file level of the informix server which i get around 90MB/s backup speed and around 60MB/s restore speed. So i believe there is no network io or disk io which cause the informix to be that slow.

i check the bptm logs, i got this read_data: waited for empty buffer 70772 times, delayed 253628 times from one of the 18GB dbspace restore, why i go so high delayed time ? why i dont get when i restore standard file level ?

Have i miss out some settings ?

Anyone have any idea ?

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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Can you try to backup and restore using onbar without NetBackup? Wait and delay counter indicate bottleneck resides in network or client operation.

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huanglao2002's picture

Can you check you local disk/SAN disk io status.

it's like informix try to occupy all the empty database spaces.

When we restore orcale database ,i have see the same phenomenon.

Marianne's picture

Test ftp transfer from backup server to AIX client.

Find a file of at least 2GB in size on same filesystem as basic disk (you can even use one of the image files as this is only a test) and ftp to same filesystem that you need to restore to.

This will test disk read speed on the server, network transfer rate as well as write speed on the client - all independent of NBU.

As a matter of interest - what buffer sizes are in use? (Can be seen in bptm log when job is started.)

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none0000's picture

I have test restore normal file from the same client and i get very good restore speed, around 60MB/s as i mention earlier.

So i can say network and disk IO is not the cause here.

The slow restore performance only happen to Informix OnBar.

io_init: buffer size for read is 262144

do you refer to this buffer size ?