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Created: 23 May 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

I am using an application called InfoWorkSpace (by Enzenia). It's a collaboration sw that uses Oracle 8i as the backend database. I am looking for a high availability solution. I have a server running IWS and a standy one for just in case. Here are some of my limitations:
- IWS is very sensitive about hostname. It will not work if hostname is changed. Therefore, how can I have 2 IWS servers using the same name? I am not clear on how clustering will affect this hostname issue.
- It's not only Oracle that needs attention but also Placeware and other 3rd party apps that make up IWS.
- Currently looking at replication.

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VERITAS Cluster Server may be applicable to you environment because VCS can be setup with the cluster node name different from hostname. For detail, down load System Administrator's guide and search by sysname.

But at installation, you can not use install script. script refers hostname. Install manually.
I recemmend you to ontact VERITAS sales and consult about it.

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The sensitivity to hostname changes is the big issue here. You have tow options as I see it:
1. Experiment! Do things such as set hostname to IWS, install, then rename node back to original name, and repeat on second node. Assuming you have VCS already, you don't really have anything to lose other than time.
2. Engage Veritas Consulting. I have no idea what the costs of this would be. Obviously then your agents would be supported.
This is a similar problem to that posed by Microsoft Exchange. For Exchange setup, there is a wizard which renames the server, installs Exchange, then renames it back. Clustering Oracle should be (relatively) straightforward, as should replication.