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Initial Deployment initiation without PXE Server (altiris 7.1)

Created: 10 Oct 2012
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It's my first to write this forum.

I just started Altirs support.

I'm buildng a system that deploy image to a new computer.

in that case altiris uses PXE server but i got some trouble with that.

there are many subnet in my custoemr site so needed lots of PXE server. customer said it's impossible to put those server to each network.

and asked me to make boot image file so that client can communicate with server when client boot with boot image(like USB, CD/DVD)

here is a question.

is it possible to create image file that communicates with DS server?

I know bootwiz.exe but i was not able to make a image file that works as.

i need your anwer.:)