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Initial deployment menu not appearing

Created: 24 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

I recently received a new (for our organization) HP 9470m Ultrabook.  All other devices in our Enterprise PXE boot fine and bring up our Initial Deployment menu in WinPE once it loads, but with the 9470m, WinPE comes up, a DOS window displays "Calling custom actions...", then "Startup complete."  The DOS window minimizes and then nothing - the Initial Deployment menu never appears.  I was working with a Symantec technician, but we stalled out - I am now reviewing BIOS settings to see if there's anything on the new model that would trip the process up, but I'm running out of time to get this resolved.  Any thoughts, ideas, etc. would be great - thanks!

Deployment Solutions 7.1 SP2

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Forgot to mention that the machine is unmanaged...

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Once you are in WinPE you can check if your machine is properly connected to the network.

In the command window do:

ipconfig - to check if you have an IP address and try to ping the default gateway


netstat - see what server you are connected to (if at all) and what connections you have there

Another thing: check for a MiniNT-* named computers in the NS console and if there are some, match their IPs to the ones you see in WinPE.

If PC has registered already with its Preboot computer name you won't get Initial Deployment menu on it.

Hope this helps...

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You may want to check the UEFI option in bios which should be disabled as Ghost will not support UEFI.

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There are logs you'll need to look at once you establish network connectivity.

If a system is NOT showing the initial deployment menu, it either means 1) that it's a known system (you may THINK it's not) or 2) it's not connecting.  Those are the most common reasons.  Look at the pectagnt and agent log files.  They'll tell you what's going on.  But as mentioned before, first ensure network connectivity.  The logs will show you that too.

This video MAY help, or may be overkill.  :S

Thomas Baird
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Although it should throw an error, you might check if WinPE can see your harddisks as well. Run diskpart in the DOS window and then type "list disk" to see if your disks are available. Might be you have to put some drivers in your WinPE image :)

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Other than network drivers, that shouldn't matter for not getting the menu.  The job may fail if the disks can't be seen, but the menu should appear unless the system is not on the network, OR the menu is off, OR the system is known (predefined = known as well BTW).

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!