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Insert overwrite media

Created: 19 Feb 2014 | 2 comments

Hello Pkh,

well as you said it worked in 1 tape 

but i getting error of insert overwrite media for job.

i try to run long erase job and it was successful  bt when i run my job it's throwing alert message and also end marker unreadable 

any idea about it ?

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Well again this has nothing to do with the other discussion, so I have branch this off to a new discussion.

When you get an alert asking you to insert overwritable media, it means that you do not have overwritable media BEFORE the start of your job. This has nothing to do with whether your tapes have end marker unreadable. Just make sure that you have sufficient overwritable tapes BEFORE the start of your job

When you erase your tapes, they become overwritable so your job can write to them and solve your earlier problem.

When you get an alert, you must respond to it appropriately. Otherwise, your job may fail. If your job fails and it does not have the time to properly close the tape then you will end up with the end marker unreadable problem

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This is same tape.

so this is continued.

as tape was earse , a long job was run and it was succefull 

but when i run job on that tape it show overwrite alert and End marker unreadble