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Install 3rd SEPM remove an old one.

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

Currently have two SEPM servers running in our enterprise.  Both are 2008 servers running SEPM 12.1 RU1 MP1.  Both servers point at a single SQL 2008 database running on a separate server.

I went to upgrade to 12.1 RU2.  The first server upgraded without issue as well as upgrading the database schema.  The second ran into a problem and Symantec has the log files from the SEP support tool but haven’t been very responsive yet.  It ran into an IIS file stating it didn’t have permissions to start a service but the service did not appear to be installed.

We have restored everything from backup and are now running RU1 MP1 again on the SEPM's.  I am going to put up a third fresh server running SEPM RU1 MP1.  My thoughts are that once this is up and running that I could gracefully take out the server that we had upgrade issues on and then later upgrade to 12.1 RU2.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get the old server out of the mix once the new third SEPM is up and running?  Once this is complete will clients automatically update their Sylink files and see the new server and remove the old or will I have to push a new Sylink to all clients?

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I see no issues. However, I was wondering if you could install 3 SEPM server with same IP name and host name would make your work much simpler.

Secondly, In your case make sure you have the MSL set properly on the primary SEPM server and secondry server, so that the new clients report to the new Server.

Once all the clients start reporting, try stopping the SEPM services on SEPM 2 (server with issue) and then check if all the clients keep reporting to Latest SEPM 3 Server.

Few helpful Articles -

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Hope that helps!!

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Or Else.

1. Upgrade the SEPM1 to 12.1RU2

2. Create a replica image of SEPM2 and restore onto other Box(SEPM3).

3. Upgarde SEPM3 to 12.1 and put it back into the network and check.

If something goes wrong, you still have SEPM2.


Ajit Jha

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One More thing..

Don't forget to prepare yourself for the Disaster Recovery.


Ajit Jha

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How to move SEPM from one server to another server

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Hi Please check with this,

How to perform offline replication between 2 remote sites when normal replication is failing due to bandwidth issues

If it will work then let me know....


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