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Install all hp software by script.

Created: 31 Jul 2013 | 4 comments

Hello. I have many driver specific folders for laptop drivers. These all have file names like "spxxxxx.exe" what i am after is a script or a way of detecting which model this laptop is and install the appropriate drivers at the end of the deployment process.

Thanks in advance.

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there are some options to get it solved.

You can reach it with the help of the deployanywhere component of deployment solution 7.x.

Or you can install the drivers with the help of conditions and custom packages for each model. Start in following thread for some information how to create the conditions:

For each model create a software package with the necessary softpaqs and write a script which install the softpaqs. Mostly the softpaqs are installed with the switch -s for silent installation but this depends on the softpaq. You have to try.

And for doing it very complex you can check in every softpaq as a single software resource and build a policy or task to install it on the clients.

We do it mostly with the options one and two. Is the best for handling.

The deployanywhere could be the simplest for pure driver installation. If you need the applications too, then you can try it with option 2.

Last but not least: you meant hp as your manufacturer for the clients. There is a tool called hp ssm ; with the help of this tool you can do the driver installation too. If you only have hardware produced by hp this would be one of the best solutions. Because here you can build a process to have it run regularly and keep your drivers up-to-date.


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Hi, thanks for the reply, I have found the deploy anywhere component hard to maintain and when i deploy images I always have missing drivers for laptops. (maybe there is a better way I can keep mine upto date, rather than installing each individual driver when I have time)

I have already downloaded all the softpacks to a build server and they are in sub direcries with names like 'HP ProBook 4340s Win7x64'
which would be the best (easiest) way for me moving forward? software package/ script or as you said ?
Have you a script which u have made that u can post so im not re inventing the wheel.

through research I have found that HP SoftPaq Download Manager (SDM) can be configured to work with SCCM.
Is it possible to get somethig like this to work with altiris.

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I don't see why this cant' be done. I use a similar tool with Lenovos /Thin Installer and it works. You could have a look here for some tips

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you can load several drivers at the same time into the SMP using Driver Manager from commandline.

We don't have any direct tool to work with HP SoftPaq Download Manager.

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