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Install Antivirus and Network Threat Protection only on server(s) + Alternate path

Created: 21 Feb 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

I have struggeled for many hours attempting to get only Antivirus Antimalware + Network threat protection to  install on windows servers.  NOT Proactive threat protection, which is not supported on servers.  I have tried having Only AV and Only NTP install packages in the group and also a custom install package chosing those options but it never seems to work.  I get AV or NTP or all three AV, PTP, and NTP. but never AV +NTP.

Is this possible and how?

I would also like to install this .4GB monster to  an alternate path on some machines.  It seems the core components (376 GB) always must install to your boot drive (%systemroot%).  Can this behavior be controlled?