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install NBU on media server

Created: 30 Sep 2012 • Updated: 30 Sep 2012 | 8 comments
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What is the difference between installing NBU on master and media server.

Process for Both are same I guess.I have read the manual also.

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I fail to understand why you ask when you know the answer.

Go ahead, install. You will see.
That is how all of us learned: manual plus practical experience.

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Almost no difference. 

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@Revaroo:So where comes the difference so that NBU know that it is the media server

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When you specify the master server/emm server in the installation. NetBackup then knows not to configure and start up Master server processes, such as the Sybase database, nbemm, nbpem, nbrb, nbjm, bprd etc.

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When you install on a server and you specify that same server name as the master server then it is configured a a master.

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The only difference is the entreies in either the registry (windows) or bp.conf (unix).

If you change the SERVER to point to itself, and the EMM entry to point to itself when you restart the services it will start as a master, I think (never done it).

Pretty sure, as revaroo says, the difference in minimal, all the same binaries are installed.

Certainly I can take a master and  by changing the above mentioned entreies and  pointing them at another master, making sure the 'other master' has a SERVER entry for it, when the services are restarted, the 'other master' will detect the original master as a media server and automatically add it to EMM.  On the 'original master' it will only start the processes required for it to be a media server.


Regards,  Martin
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Please dont make it too complex .I am all new to this.A beginer