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Install SEP 12.1 manager on multyple server

Created: 22 Aug 2011 | 5 comments
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Dear comunity,

If I could? we install endpoint manager console on another server by using, let say we buy a 10 user license pack, which is 2 for server and 8 for client or we should have to install endpoint manager console on a server and 9 for the client, the point is, can i install SEP manager on more than 1 server with a single SEP product .


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there is no client server license. if you get 10 licenses you can install 10 clients and 10 server( however it dows not make sense :-)).

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License are based on number of Computers you install SEP on.

Since SEP client is installed on Client machines as well as on Server machines. We count 1 computer = 1 license.

SEPM is just a console manager and does not practically provide you any protection. It is for managing all clients and servers SEP client machines from 1 central location. In other words, incase, if you install 1 server machine with SEPM on it, you also would have to install SEP client on the  same server. 

In your case, you would need 10 licenses.

I hope this helps!!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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SEP Manager is a Console, its not an Antivirus Software, The license is counted to the AV component installed. All you need to have is 1 SEPM and 10 cleints license. There is no license for SEPM.

In the Earlier versions of AV say SAV 10, u would have primary and secondary and you install SSC (console ) on secondary servers too, this is not needed in SEP 12 as there is no client server architecture.

Its only 1 console ( SEPM) which manages all your clients. 

Please do let us know incase of any issues / concerns, Good day!!

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My 2th SEPM were not configured in load balancing. They were configured on two different sites. I have 500 user license, but the 500 users were distributed on the two sites. (e.g. 200 on site A and 300 on site B). My concern is, if I will be using the license file I have right now and activate it on site A, will I still be able to user and activate it on my site B?

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Yes, you will be able to install the 500 user license file on both sites A and B. You will need to make sure that you don't go over the 500 user limit. This is assuming that they are isolated sites with no replication or connection between the two sites. You will also want to refer to your license agreement to make sure that you are within the geographical deployment limitations, in order to remain in compliance.

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