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Install SEP from the workstation end

Created: 16 Aug 2012 • Updated: 09 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi - used to work on the 10.x Enterprise SAV environment, and recall that you could connect from the workstation to a shared folder on the server, and run an executable that would install the SAV client.

Is this an option on the SEP Small Business 12.x version? I'm not finding it, nor any reference to installing this way.

I have a workstation that I installed the SEP 12.x onto from the SEP management console, that I had to remove to troubleshoot slow machine performance issues. I now cannot install in this same manner, as the central; console finds and attempts to install, but now errors out. I've disable all firewall rules, simple file sharing options, etc as required in the day of old.

Appreciate any assistance.



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You could create an install package in the SEPM and stage it on the server. Connect to the share on the SEPM and install from there.

You could also assign an install package to a group or groups and once the clients check in they should get the update automatically.

You can aldo try using the Client Deployment Wizard. 

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Check this article:

Also go through few helpful articles:

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Thanks guys for the assistance. I have several clients that the Endpoint Management console can "see" - log into and begin the remote push install but errors out after about 10sec.

Chose the route of creating an install package from the console, dropping it onto a share drive on the server and attaching to the share from the w/s end and installing..That's working for me and that will do for now till I get more time on this product.

I do appreciate the assistance.





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