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Install SEPM on Windows 2000 Server to manage SEP 12.1

Created: 23 Jan 2013 | 10 comments
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I have a client with a 2000 Server that doesn't have SEPM.  They have unmanaged clients.  I purchased 12.1 license but would like to use SEPM.  Is there anyway I can do this to manage 12.1 clients?

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No, SEPM 11 can be installed on windows 2000. However it is not compatble to manage SEP 12 clients by SEPM 11.

you should plan to have supported OS for SEPM that too install SEP 12.

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So basically I have to install SEPM on XP or higher and manage the clients from there right?

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I'm having issues finding the SEPM 12.1 installer.  Where can I download this from?

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I am afraid to manage 12.1 clients you need at least Server 2003 SP1 or mentioned XP SP3 - please have a look at the requirements:

...please note though as per general recommendations it is advised to install SEPM on Server OS as XP for example has default limitation for network connections with other machines.

For download please use your Fileconnect account - the version should be available for you there.

And here the requirements for the newest SEP 12.1 RU2 version:

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If you do not have your serial number with you please contact the symantec helpdesk - I am sure they will help you out with aquiring the newest SEP version installer.

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I don't have another server at that location to install on.  I have a Win 7 x64 Home Premium box but I believe I can't install on that one.  The link you provided has XP Pro SP3 listed on there.  Is that not a good idea?

I downloaded all the files on fileconnect but didn't see SEPM.

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Windows 7 x64 versions are supported but unfortunately except Home versions.

Please have a look the the following Article regardin SEPM installation on XP:

How many clients will you be connecting to SEPM?