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Created: 26 Feb 2010 • Updated: 30 Aug 2010 | 1 comment
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I'm trying to install a WebGateway in inline mode at this specific scenario:


At the implementation guide Symantec recomends that the option "Enable separate management and inline networks " must be enabled in this scenario.

The problem is the Management Network and the WAN1 are on the same subnet ( and if i enable the option that i mentioned above , the webgateway management console shows me the error: "! Inline Subnet must be different from management network after applying Mask."

For this specific case does anyone knows if i can let the option ("Enable separate management and inline networks ") disabled ?

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Hi Rafael,

Can you point out where in the guide it says you must 'Enable seperate management and inline networks'?  I'm going through the guide now, but  can't really find where it says that.

In your scenario this isn't really going to be possible as you don't really seem to have a seperate network dedicated to management in your network.  This isn't a big deal and to be honest most deployments I've worked on don't have this seperate management network.

One thing to be aware of if you do deploy without the dedicated management interface:

You will connect to the device via the WAN/LAN interface unless services are stopped, if services are stopped the WAN/LAN interface turns off and goes into bypass mode and the Management Interface turn on and will be used to manage the device. It's for this reason that even deployed inline without the dedicated Management Interface you should still plug a cable in from the Management Interface to the core switch.

Hope that helps,