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Installation Failed.

Created: 26 May 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
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Hi All,
I am fresly installing the 4.5 image on 9650 Appliance and it is failing.
Folloing the error message which i get when i am trying to intall the image:-
Searching for SSIM install
Traceback (most recent call last)
file "/usr/bin/annaconda",line 933, in?
import check_install
File"/usr/lib/anaconda/",line 26,in?
File "/usr/lib/anaconda/". line 58, in CHECK_INSTALL
if root:
NameError:name 'root' is not defined
install exited abnormally
Sending termination signals....done
Sending kill signals...done
disabling swap
Unmounting filesystems
/mnt/runtimr done
disabling /dev/loop0
/proc/bus/usb done
/proc done
/ev/pts done
/sys done
/tmp/ramfs done
/mnt/source done
/selinux done
you may safely reboot your system
Can somebody what is error means and how do i install the image on the appliance.

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When installing a fresh install, please initialize all drives (including the RAID) before installing.  Ensure none of the drives are in a failed state before installing.  You can initialize and check status of drives by using the PERC controller settings as the system is booting (I believe CTRL-M, and CTRL-R during post).
Also, if you are not already, please use the SSIM 4.5.2 image to install. 
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I'm facing same issue , in addition I have an IO error , cannot see tem directory
any info can help ?
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The SSIM 9650 hardware was refreshed (Quad core processors, 16 GB RAM, PERC 6/i controller, larger disks) and it is this refreshed hardware that is incompatible with versions other than 4.6 or


so the issue will be resolved with 4.6 or image