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Installation package size

Created: 28 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I created package by SEPM with the same options, but found the size is different. 

1. What content may cause the size difference ?

2. Does the package include policy setting in related group ?

 package options:

Unassigned group + Basic protection for server + Basic content + No auto restart

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It should include policy if you have it managed but may not include updated definitions. Those will be downloaded after the install.

Check this thread:

In your case, only AV component will be installed.

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pete_4u2002's picture

cannot see the size difference

1. What content may cause the size difference ?
content will increase the size of the package.

2. Does the package include policy setting in related group ?
yes, if you have selected the policy to be included ( managed)

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- Content that can increase the size of the installer would be the AV definitions - during the package creation you have options between "All content" and "Basic Content" - it can be checked under Select the content for this package.

- Other thing that can increase the size would be installed features for SEP client - available options are here between Full Protection for clients - up to -> Basic protections for servers. You can as well create your own client install feature set.