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Installation on server failed

Created: 21 Nov 2007 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
I try to install SEPM on win 2000 server (sp4)
Each time install failed...
The install was made using install/remove button ( Terminal server running)
The only error remaining in log is  /program files/symantec/liveupdate/luresult.txt
the log show:
Install Failed
L'installation de LiveUpdate a échoué suite à une erreur interne.
The final return code after remapping is 16
Install result reported from LuInsDll.dll
Install Version
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> Started LiveUpdate Integration Log at LuIntLog0.txt
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> *******************
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> *** LuCheck log ***
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> *******************
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> About to uninstall LiveUpdate...
11/21/2007, 20:11:23 GMT -> Successfully launched installer; waiting for it to complete...
11/21/2007, 20:11:27 GMT -> The LU installer has completed.
11/21/2007, 20:11:27 GMT -> Installer process exit code = 16
11/21/2007, 20:11:27 GMT -> Uninstall completed.
11/21/2007, 20:11:27 GMT -> Ended LiveUpdate Integration Log


But if I check the log and directory just before the failed : the install log clearly show a sucessfull install of liveupdate, and a directory containing the installation file for endpoint security is created. The failed clear the log and delete directory. I manualy deinstall Liveupdate, reboot then same error happen.

I don't find any other log  trace showing what kind of error happen during install.

To execute the installation I must stop a process using mssql, The complete install take more the 15 minutes before failed, everytime showing almost completed installation... then cancelling everything.

Also the installation box show this message telling the installation was canceled ( Looklike I manualy cancelled the installation)

Any help will be appreciated








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