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Installation of WEB GATEWAY in DELL 2950 powered

Created: 23 Sep 2011 • Updated: 02 Jan 2012 | 12 comments
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Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I have the difficult mission to install the SWG in a customer being been that I go to have that to install in one schemes DELL and being thus virtualizado. Then, it would like to know as I can make this installation without bigger problems, if exists somebody that knows this tool and can give to some tips of installation and configuration to me.

Since already I am thankful all.

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You will need to have VMWare ESX or ESXi installed on the hardware prior to loading the Symantec Web Gateway OVF. The actual deployment of the SWG is done via OVF file which is very simple and straight fowared. 

I've attached the implemenation guide for the SWG. Page 65 Starts Chapter 4 which is Installing Syantec Web Gateway Virtual Edition.

Symantec_Web_Gateway_5.0_Implementation_Guide_EN.pdf 2.55 MB
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It only functions with the ESX or ESXi?
I cannot places it in one schemes physical?
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Hi Andrefonseca,

I do not think that this supported the installation of an image on hardware not purchased by Symantec. You should call Symantec Support so that you validate the installation, because you could lose the right to access support, even if you have current maintenance.
Rather, it is recommended that you install VMware ESXi and follow the procedure of the installation guide.

I am attaching the link to search the Symantec Support phone that corresponds to your country:


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OK, I will go to place the VMs in schemes and to go up the ISO, plus a question, Which is the recommendation of better practises to place the SWG in Cluster of high availability?
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Esteban is correct. SWG is only supported in VMware ESX or ESXi or on hardware purchased from Symantec the 8450 or 8490.

For VM deployment you will need to use the OVF available for download from our fileconnect website. 

Can you be more specific about your high availablilty question? What mode do you plan on using SWG in?

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The High availability would be for placing two schemes simultaneously twirling and making a load balancing being that if the one to stop to another one it assumes without impact in the environment of the customer, this is possible? 
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We do not support the installation of the SWG software on any hardware besides the physical appliances we sell. We now provide the option and drivers to install the software into an ESXi or vSphere environment. You would install ESXi or vSphere on this Dell server, then install the SWG as a virtual machine on it.

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Password standard of access of the Symantec Web Gateway? Already I made the installation more I do not obtain to have access with none of passwords the existing and remembered standards of the SYMANTEC.
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You should have been prompted to set a password for the web based interface while going through the setup wizard.

You should be able to reset the password using the console using the following


Password: admin1!

Then unlock setup wizard and menu option 8 to unlock the setup wizard again. Then go to the web page for SWG and reconfigure it.

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Debtor for the Password, but still I am with problems therefore I am with the open console and I do not obtain has access it requests a password ROOT that I do not have.
Which would be this password?
Since Already I am thankful.
Att, Andres Fonseca
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The username and password for the console are


Password: admin1!

You are not permited root access to the SWG concole as that would void your support.

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In order to plan the implementation, technical assistant document: