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Installed 12, backups will not run. Overwrite protection is 1 week out on tapes...

Created: 25 Jul 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 1 comment

I had BEWS 9.1 installed on a different server, we moved to BEWS 12 on a new server and set everything up from scratch <no upgrade>. I have the Overwrite protection set at 1 week <same as it was on 9.1> but it is making the tape set in the drives unwritable for 1 week from now, I do not want to turn off overwrite totally. So how cna I get my backups to run for this first week?



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if you did not migrate the v9.1 catalog, the v12 thinks all the tapes are "new" as in newly imported into that system. If you inventory, then drag to the Production media set which has a one week OPP, then BackupExec won't overwtite the tape for a week


Insert each tape, inventory, then verify that the volume is in the scratch media set, and let BackupExec move the volumes to the production media set when the Backups run

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