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Installing BE 12 on SQL 2005

Created: 06 Aug 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

Hi all,


I've done some searching on my question and haven't found and answer. If I missed it I apologize.


My situation is this:

I have a server that had Backup Exec installed on it and was running fine. This server was setup to host Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. When the vendor went to install the new version of Great Plains it required the installation of SQL 2005. By installing this, he had to "break" the database connection by removing SQL 2005 express installation created by BE.


My question is, how do I proceed in reinstalling BE 12 on this server? Do I use the option "Use an existing SQL Server instance"? or do I install using the "local Backup Exec SQL Express instance" option. Maybe it doesn't matter. I want to make sure that whatever I do it does not disturb the Great Plains installation.


I do understand that SQL services may be started and restarted during installation. That is not a problem as I can do the install during off hours.


Any help would be greatly appreciated