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Installing Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 MP3 Caused Outlook 2010 to Freeze

Created: 01 Oct 2013 • Updated: 01 Oct 2013 | 9 comments

Hi All,

My environment:

1) Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64 Bit

2) Outllook 2010 64 bit

I was running (until this morning) PGP Desktop 10.0.1 freeware. SInce it was freeware, no Outlook support was provided.

This morning, I installed Symantec Desktop 10.3.0 MP3. I rebooted.

In my first attempt to enter any IMAP Outllook accounts (such as Smail), the mails all disappeared, I got a warning that the folders were not accessable, and all my mails dissapeared. Trying to re-enter the IMAP accounts caused a freeze - the Outlook Splash screen froze at "Loading Profile". My POP3 accounts work fine. I did not try entering my Exchange account, as the informaiton there is critical and I was afraid of a disastor,

By exiting the PGP services, I could reenter the IMAPaccounts - although it had to start downloading all emails again from the IMAPserver (Gmail).

I also tried removing all proxy & email related options in the PGP Desktop/Tools/Options and restarting the services. Didn't help.

Help please - what am I doing wrong?



Operating Systems:

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What AV do you have scanning IMAP mails in and out?

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I just checked as MS-Exchange 2010 email account - it works fine. Only IMAP is ruined. By the way, if I turn off PGP Desktop and then re-enter the IMAP account, it stops downloading email bodies - only headers. I need to totally delete the IMAP account profile and start again. Only then will it download email bodies.

Any ideas?

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I do remember PGP having difficulties with IMAP but they were solved.  

Are you in a managed environment? (universal server managed)

@Symantec tech supp.  Care to add?

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Do you by any chance have "leave a copy of message on server" checked for any of these accounts? I have had similar problems with services other than MS Exchange, although the problems also occurred with versions earlier than 10.3. Unchecking the option to "leave a copy of message on server" solved it for me.

Non-Symantec, non-tecchie.

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Hi WilsonF,

Thanks for the response. I thought "leave a copy of message on server" is an inherent part of IMAP. That functionality is the very reason one uses IMAP instead of POP3. In any case, I couldn't find a setting for that in Ootlook 2010. Where should I look?



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From Control Panel>Mail (32-bit)>Mail Setup - Outlook>Show Profiles button>[Select the profile] and hit Properties button>E-mail Accounts button>Change>Uncheck test settings button, hit more settings button>Advanced tab>uncheck leave a copy on server box, save or apply or OK everything as you exit out.

I have separate shortcuts to each different profile. The one on this machine (which has Office 2013) is:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\outlook.exe" /Profile "Outlook"

It's the same on Office 2010 except that it may be Program Files (x86) and is office14 in the shortcut.

Hope that works for you.

On my systems, before I tried that, Outlook would start downloading messages and then crash; when I restarted Outlook it would download another copy of each message it had just downloaded until I used the above shortcut with the addition of the /safe switch to keep PGP Desktop from doing its thing.

I found the solution as a reference to POP3 somewhere in the Symantec KB, but I found it through Google instead of the forum search function.