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Installing NBU DLO 6.1MP4 with a Remote SQL Server 2005

Created: 23 Feb 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi to all..!

I'm need to install NetBackup DLO Server 6.1MP4 on a Server with a SQL Server 2005 that is running on a remote server. I'm following instructions from the document: Readme_MP4_EN.pdf, in order to install on this escenario.

This document establish that if you want to install on a remote SQL Server instance, you need to run the setup process twice. First time, I must to select just the DLO Database Service.... configure the conection with the remote SQL Server, and then run again the installation process to select the other three features: DLO Administration Console, DLO Administration Service and DLO Maintenance Service.

However, when I run the installation just for the DLO Database Service feature, I just can see options to Install with a Local SQL Express 2005 Instance or use Existing Local SQL Server Instance.

I can't get the option to configure a connection to a remote SQL Server.

What can I do in order to be able to deploy NBU DLO Server with a remote SQL Server?

Thank you for all your help on this way.

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Support for remote SQL server in MP4 is a 2 step process.

1. On the machine where the admin server will be installed, run the DLO installer and select all components but for DLO database service.

2. On the machine where you have the SQL server installed and available for use with DLO, run the DLO installer and select only the DLO database service option. In the next screen, select: Existin local SQL server instance and select the instance to be used for DLO.

BTW, the new version of DLO called Symantec DLO 7.0 is available which has the remote SQL server support improved. This 7.0 version support for remote DB is a single step process unlike MP4. here is the link if you would want to try.: